Big Stars in 2019

Some pretty wild albums came out in 2019. We shall see what 2020 has to hold for us. We expect big things as we ramp up.

We saw a great album come from Vampire Weekend called Father of the Bride. This album came after a long period of time since their previous album. 2013 is when Modern Vampires of this City was released. It was almost like the band broke up for a little while before coming back together and creating this one. This will be one album that would be highly sought out for and should provide some pretty good listening.

Sharon Van Eaten came out with an album called Remind Me Tomorrow. This heartland flavored musician helped create a wonderful piece of music for everyone to listen to. This album definitely shows signs of sophistication and maturing. The growth of her audience will definitely increase dramatically on the release.

Purple mountains came out with an album called Purple Mountains. This is a pretty dark album that deals with a lot of tough situations looking for a happy ending. It makes you wonder what kind of mood they were in when creating this album.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds created a new album 2019. This album was based on Nick’s teen son dying before his time. It accounts for his life after and why something like this would ever happen to you. This is a pretty sad album and understandably so and will most likely create some tears when listening to it at times. Nick Cave will continue to make great music into the future and will produce some pretty decent performances live.

Halsey’s “Without Me” took the number one spot for several weeks in 2019. It had a couple of drops before moving back up to number one again.

Arianna Grande produced a big hit and remained in the number one spot for five weeks and then moving down to the second and third positions soon after. You can expect big things in 2020 from Arianna Grande and other major artists.

You have to remember a Star is Born peaked at number one for a week in March. This was the song “Shallow” and it was sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I think a lot of people enjoyed this track tremendously and will continue to listen to it.

“Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers was a number one hit and spent only one week at the top. What will happen this year from Jonas Brothers is still to be decided. Look for some major concerts and try to check them out in live-action.

Let’s not forget Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. This was one big hit that blue on the charts and people couldn’t stop singing. The video came out created a YouTube sensation and kids were following are of all ages. What will happen withLil Nas X is still up in the air but I’m sure there are some songs down the line the people will follow.

Let’s not leave out the artist of the year which is Billie Eilish. She had the song Bad Guy on the charts for several weeks and will continue to make pop hits for you to listen to. There are definitely more songs from Billie in the future.

Seniorita by Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello was a huge hit on the charts. It was the number-one hit for one week while spending some time in the number two position as well. They teamed up to form a strong group of a male-female duet. Will this happen again in the future?

2020 looks like it’s going to be an exciting year. Make sure you follow all the artists, their performances and get tickets to their show. We will continue to provide more information about everyone and hope you can make your way out to upcoming events.

By JabaMa