Get to the Super Bowl

This could be the year you have a chance to go see a major sporting event. Each year there are a few dozen events that take the top. This can range from the Super Bowl to the Daytona 500 all the way up to All-Star games. What we would like to do is share with you some insight into a few of the major events that occur each year. We’ll get into some options you may have when it comes to purchasing tickets so you don’t have to overspend for the event. Most likely tickets for these events will be very expensive. We’ll do our best to help you save money when it comes down to purchasing. We mention information about ticket sites to use when purchasing. These sites will get you all the seats you need and it will be up to you to find the price model that works for your budget.

Super Bowl

Probably the most expensive event in the world, the Super Bowl is played each year around the country. One lucky city is able to get this big game and it will bring a huge boost to the economy. Prices for things like hotels, restaurants, and flights will increase dramatically. This doesn’t even talk about the price of tickets to the game. The supply and demand will vary each year depending on the opponents.

If you have a team that has been to the Super Bowl a lot you can expect a little bit less of a turnout. If you are seeing two teams that haven’t been in a long time or ever this is a great opportunity to see how prices will fluctuate. We suggest watching the price of Super Bowl tickets if you are not season ticket holder to see how prices move leading up to the date.

There are lots of people that want to go to the Super Bowl each year but are priced out because they are just too expensive. The location will determine a lot of this as well. A game in Miami Florida will have a larger attendance than a game in Minnesota. We have seen this in the past few years and we had a pretty spectacular Super Bowl LIV. Prices were at all-time highs in this had a perfect set up.

NCAA basketball tournament

This is one event that you may want to check out in your lifetime. The most exciting games in college basketball occur over a course of three weekends. You have the opportunity to watch games for variable amounts of money. You can sign up for the first and second round, the sweet 16 and elite eight, the final four and championship game.

Each game will have a specific price but you’ll most likely end up having to buy a package or what’s called a session. The sessions will occur especially in the first two rounds. You can expect to buy a session of two or four games you can also purchase tickets for the whole weekend. Each weekend will change to new locations.

Getting tickets to the final four and championship games will be the most expensive of course. It may come down to you watching tickets as the teams start dropping off and the winners look like they’ll be in contention. This will also determine the prices of these tickets and you should make sure your budget is ready.

All-Star games

These games aren’t the most exciting in terms of competitive play. Most likely fans come because they are diehards and they are looking for the best players in the game in one place. If you are into getting autographs this is also a great time to potentially get some. Prices will vary on an All-Star game depending on the league. You’re more likely to get NFL Pro bowl tickets then you are able to get NBA All-Star game tickets. Prices will, of course, vary as the days go through this season and who is able to go or not. If some of the favorite players drop out of the All-Star game prices will definitely drop on the ticket prices.

These are just some of the games that have high ticket value pricing. Each year the venues will change for all of these different games. Be sure to watch and see if they come to a location near you. Not having to travel will definitely save you money. This will allow you to increase your budget on the ticket prices themselves.

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By JabaMa