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A lot has happened this week.

On February 22, Rhianna spoke at the annual NAACP image awards. She gave a pretty significant speech and powerful message to the listeners of her pop sound and the fans. For many years her success has led her to be very giving, raising a lot of money for certain events such as disaster relief and education. She likes to put things in perspective from the way she thinks and how everyone can contribute to a better world. She focuses on making sure everyone can work together and into the future make amazing things happen.

How about an 18-year-old singer producing the song for the next Bond movie. Billie Eilish is now the next songwriter of the Bond movie “No Time To Die”. This is a huge step for the young singer. She will provide song lyrics and the performance for this movie’s theme song. We all know the James Bond way and for an 18-year-old to produce this type of song is pretty amazing.

Lady Gaga who is now 33 years old and decided to produce a new single. There also be a new video in line with the song. Stupid love is a special song for her and will most likely be a number one hit eventually. We will see how this song plays out in the Billboard charts. Most likely it should be a super success. You can expect to see Lady Gaga out on tour pretty soon so make sure you get your tickets for that event.

Bon Jovi is gearing up for a new album with a single “Limitless”. This album will produce many downloads across the world due to the fact that he has such a huge following. He has a political tone with this song and should drive a few people a little crazy early on to understand what his message really is. What will happen from here over the course of the year is still in question.

The Rockaway Beach festival is set to take off. The fifth Rockaway Beach festival will carry several different acts and produce a lot of fun for its viewers. You can most likely get your tickets from any of the major networks out there so you can enjoy this show.

“The archer” created by Taylor Swift is one of her most critical songs. She is now in the process of producing her seventh studio album and should be out shortly. She is always critiqued for her music and will most likely be critiqued for this album as well. She can take in the harsh critics and move on with her life while producing some really great songs. The 29-year-old is ready to tell more stories and continue her process into the future.

If you’re creating a second album like Lauren Ray you’re most likely on your way to success. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get this level. She is now pretty excited to create such a wonderful piece of music and share it with all her friends and family.

We will continue our look into some of the music-news across the country and world. No matter what it takes we will share that information with you. Be sure to act on tickets as they come available so you don’t miss out. New albums and more will be around the corner.




By JabaMa