Going to a Concert

You don’t have to see a big name band or performer to make things exciting. Check out who is playing at your local establishments. You never know what shows you may run into. The key is trying to have a good time and not missing out on the fun times in life. Whether you need a ticket in advance or can get them the day of it won’t matter as long as you go in with a good mood. Listed below are some of the different options you have when seeing music live.

Bar Concert

There comes a time when you feel like music is missing from your life. Depending on your age there are multiple ways of seeing live music almost every day. Small bands around the country play in bars and local establishments on a daily basis. Depending on where you live will also depend on the genre of music you will most likely hear. The great thing about bars is that it gives you an opportunity to see a band whether they are new or been around for a very long time. Usually, bar music isn’t the best in terms of concerts, but you can expect a good time seeing some live music right in front of you.

The nice thing about a bar performance is the proximity to the band. You can really get involved in what they’re feeling during their show. Most small bands that only play in bars will do their best and really give it their all so you can have a great time listening to some good music. You may hear different kinds of music depending on where you are. This can come down to a cover band or performance of live original music. Sometimes listening to a cover band is great so you can hear some of your favorite songs. This gets a lot of people very excited if the band is doing a good job.

If music is missing from your life in a live setting then get out to a local establishment and support your local musicians.

Small Venue

What we like about a small venue is you can get a top-class act and be very close to the action. Some of the biggest bands in the world played in small establishments or small venues and have now evolved into large venues. We are pretty sure most of you have a story of seeing a band in a small venue only to realize a few years later they’ll be playing in a large arena. If you can catch a performer when they are just coming out to the main stage you’ll really appreciate the sound in a small venue.

The other nice thing about small venues is the actual sound of the music. Due to the acoustics, you can expect to hear some great music. Small venues also cost a little bit less than larger arenas. The cost of getting into a concert will also depend on the supply and demand of that performer. You can also head out to a small venue during the week and save a little bit more money if you didn’t want to go on the weekend.

Lawn Seat

Another way of taking a concert is on the lawn. Multiple outdoor arenas will allow you to sit on the lawn with a blanket or chairs. This allows you to take in some of the music without buying an actual seat. Sometimes a lawn gets a little bit crowded and it may not be for you. The lawn does provide more maneuverability while watching a concert. It allows you to dance a little bit in a more spacious area potentially. Seated concerts can get a little tight if you have a big crowd next to you.

Huge Stadium

Seeing a big concert in a huge stadium is one-of-a-kind. Acts such as U2 and Taylor Swift know about what they need to bring so everyone in every seat can get in on the performance. Even if you have nosebleed seats you will still be part of the act since the sound is really good and the screens are really large. There are multiple ways to catch a large stadium concert. We do recommend you get as close as possible so you get the feel of the large band up close. Don’t forget to bring your earplugs because it can get quite loud if you are up close.