Tickets to the Show

When it comes to purchasing tickets, you have several different options. Knowing which one works for you will depend on the likelihood of the event you plan to attend.


If you want to go see your favorite band and don’t want to pay extra fees you will most likely want to get your tickets from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster has a pretty strong monopoly on the release of new concert tickets. It’s unfortunate that this is one of only a couple of sites you can get your big event tickets at. A lot of times the date of the sale that the tickets go on sale will be sold out really quickly. If all the seats aren’t taken you can expect the best seats to be taken. You have to watch out for things like fan codes and presale codes. This will give you access to the day or week before the actual tickets go on sale to the public. A lot of people don’t know about this.


At this point, you most likely know what StubHub is. It’s a ticket resale market for people that are unable to go to an event and are looking to sell their tickets. You also have season-ticket holders that may not want to go to a certain game and are looking to sell those two others. You then have ticket brokers that purchased the tickets from Ticketmaster and are now loading them up on StubHub. You can find most tickets available at StubHub and you will find decent seats as well. That is because most of the tickets that were bought and Ticketmaster are now on StubHub. Just keep an eye out for certain sections on StubHub. The prices will fluctuate as the event gets closer.

Other sites and Info

There are tons of sites that you can purchase your tickets from on the Internet or mobile device. Keep an eye out for all of these and watch for price fluctuations throughout the week. A lot of times you will see tickets being priced really high and then demand will fall off and prices will drop as well. There’s no sense in overpaying for tickets if you can watch it a little bit closer.

To bring it all together you have plenty of ways to get your tickets. Don’t feel like you need to select your tickets the day they go on sale but also expect that you’ll pay a lot more if you don’t if you do wait. Waiting isn’t necessarily the best thing when buying tickets. However, if you want a more loose schedule than this is the way to go. The last thing you want to do is buy overpriced tickets and not be able to go. This happens all the time so be ready to make your purchase when you are absolutely ready.

If you’re unable to attend an event that you purchased from Ticketmaster, you can always resell them on sites like StubHub. There are always ways to unload the tickets you purchase whether you can go or not.